Sunday, October 31, 2010

MONOCLE shop, Hong Kong

MONOCLE, one of my favourites magazine, previously did appear here. And this is one of the main spot I must or plan to visit before the trip to HK last month. Thanks to Google map again! MONOCLE HK Shop, go..go..go~!

The location is not too crowded n also not that outskirts of town, just nice! Notice the Vespa, not from them, but it just parked at the right place to get a perfect match for me to capture together.

One of the prettiest logo of modern design, in my point of view. hmm..

Everyday, sounds so Hong Kong...

Inside the store, many great collabo products from all over the world.

Of course with their latest copies. Oh! i just brought it last few days, much cheaper when get it in Malaysia, compare selling in HK.

you can also get those back issues here. Yesss!

A little disappointment, SOLD OUT of Delvaux Briefcase... thought i can meet my favourites...

I have a good time there, nice chatting and great sharing with the staffs (also allow me to take photos inside) hehee.. See you soon, i promise to visit them whenever im in HK again.

btw, these are some of the freebies from them since they knew im a fans... LOL~ thxx n love all!

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