Wednesday, January 26, 2011

EASON CHAN 2010-2011 EPs

I just got his last year EP (Extended Play); TASTE the ATMOSPHERE. Again, im super.. late, but why we need that fast in this case? Since his music is without expiry date to me. hmm..

I can wait, I can stand for all attractions (discounts price, MP3...etc.), just for this... MADE IN HK? Whats the different? No, nothing different, I just like it to be more origin where his music is born. LOL~ I know im sick on this! ahaha...

After playing all tracks, its truly irresistible to me. But I wanna share other thing beside the music. Especially the concept behind. All photos taken by Wing Shya (one of my fav. photographer). Purposely shot him in small figure with large scale of background environment, like people are so small in nature world. To emphasize music as his priority not who is on the big cover shot.

Release: OCT 2010

01 Welcome to the Future (featuring 薩頂頂)
02 講男講女 (duet with Rowena Cortes 露雲娜)
03 葉問風中轉
04 花花世界
05 我杯茶 (featuring 莫文蔚)
06 超錯
Hidden Tracks:
07 葉問風中轉 (Demo version)
08 講男講女 (NG take) (duet with Rowena Cortes 露雲娜)


Ok, since im so.. late for the above EP, let share his latest coming up one; STRANGER UNDER MY SKIN. (wtf! EP again!? Why they dont want to make it in 1 album!?) ahaha.. But im agree with this, both EP totally in different producer, but still flowing in same theme. Its more like a 2nd half of a game to me. Click to read the story behind...

Continue with the nature theme... but couldn't see the title yet, no sure its a cover.

Release: FEB 2011

DISC1 (canto)
01. My Private Christmas Song (英)
02. 苦瓜
03. 六月飛霜
04. Stranger under my skin
05. 沼氣
06. 最後派對

DISC2 (chi)
01. 等你愛我 (電影: 將愛 主題曲)
02. 因為愛情 (電影: 將愛 插曲) (duet with 王菲)
03. 樂園 (duet with 黃韻玲)


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