Friday, January 28, 2011

iBlock iPod speaker

First I want an iPod speaker, must be handy means cable/wire-less, and neither USB type nor batteries type. Prefer in either 3.5mm jack or dock connection. So this is it, finally found her soul mate!

I first saw it in Hong Kong few years back, at that time I didn't need it, so I just threw it inside my mind. But why I need it now? Its because I didn't store any personal things in office desktop till today. I only play music from iTunes in my laptops while working in front my desktop. I know it sounds a little silly, but still prefer not to synchronize any entertaining files to office desktop. hehee.. Which means every time i need to run my laptop just to play music, and this is not the idea. Then this little wizard suddenly pop up from my mind, and whispering; " its time to grab me now..."

My first choice was Black, too bad run out of stock, and only left one, which is the above; Silver. Means you either want it or not. Easy enough, and void the 'Selective Phobia' problem. (actually Silver is my plan B) gegee.. So let start the game, just plug and play! Wicked!

It has been tested, almost played for 3 working days, around 20 hours+ with my full charged iPod. Satisfaction guarantee! lol~!! Okok, i know you need the link now, go to VERSOS.


Anonymous said...

hey, this is cool, but only can brought from the japan site ??

kiv said...

It sold at City Super Hong Kong. Or you can grab it at ebay, might bit cheaper bit.

Blogger said...

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