Saturday, July 23, 2011

365 Polo Shirts

Just found out when mum asking; "why you keep buying polos recently?" Then I figure out, since I can wear it anywhere, anytime, so why not? ehehee.. And mostly because the country we live in is Summer 365. Hmm.. Make this a must have item to look effortlessly cool n smart all day!

1. My fav touch of navy or Breton stripe, the colour combination are just right. From COTTON ON.

2&3. A contrast selection, Green (near to mint) and Red. Basic, plain, no-nonsense type, cutting are perfectly fitted as usual. Both from UNIQLO.

4. Talking about polo shirt, how can we miss this, without him, that wont be an item or a post like this. A lighter yellow just suit the weather here! From LACOSTE.

5. Since i already mentioned Lacoste, that would be a mistake if I skip him. They are the classic duo in polo shirt to me. And this is currently my most lovely colour combi from Fred Perry, oh wait, where goes the laurel wreath?? LOL~ Yeah, this is not a Fred, just carrying a similar cutting and design. And a gift from Scwa, truly my cup of tea and thanks!! Surprisingly from GIORDANO.

Lastly, or the next polo in my wishlist is something looks like the left pure Blue one, to complete this image below in my mind. The tri-colour or my French code. hehehe..


Anonymous said...

nice nice

jerry john said...

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