Saturday, July 02, 2011

France (FFF) Away Shirt 2011/12

Wanna make this post for some time, laziness keep dragging me. hehee.. Anyway, this would be the part 2 of the previous home version. The French Football Federation and Nike launched their new away shirt during March 2011. And they have invited the style icon Karl Lagerfeld to unveil the project and took the photos. (also my wallpaper lately!)

The concept came from a French timeless classic; marine/navy/breton stripe, either what you called it. It first appeared as the uniform of sailors in the French navy at 19th century and was first seen in civilian wardrobes in the early 20th century. Strongly represent the free-spirited individuals in French culture, and also the FFF and Nike overall campaign titled 'Vive Le Football Libre'.

Honestly these are those rarely found football shirts that looks great in both home and away version, and I mean both appeared in the same time. The recent one that I could recall was this, and I hope France could make the difference with the English team (England got the best designed kits but making the worst performance in 2010).

Lastly, to make it simple, I want both, home and away. ahahaa... Another 2 items to squeeze in my football wishlist! LOL~

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