Sunday, October 30, 2011

This Sunday event I had joined: Tanjung Run 2011 Summary outcome

The 10K running is really a good experience for me and Kiv before our "2011 Penang Bridge Half Marathon". Both of us do gain a lot of experience on this event. Overall results is good as we finished it within the qualify time. Especially Kiv, finished the 10K with 1hr time. Is a very good results for him as he had being train just in a very short time.

Below is my running results because Kiv is far more faster then me :)

Details split per KM.

Scene after the finish line...
Me posing for the victory

Kiv posing for the victory

My colleague also joining this events. by the way, the guy on the left that wearing the yellow shirt is my coach :)

 I thought that i wouldn't have chance to get the top 500 finisher medal as a lot of experience and pro runner was joining this competition. So luckily that i able to reach the finish line as 499th to grab this finisher medal. It would be my very best motivation.

Personal thought of the moment. In running, how hard you being train = what is the result you get. You are on your own and you cant compete with others but only can compete with yourself. Run for health and enjoy your run.

Kiv and I will continue to train for our "2011 Penang Bridge Half Marathon" and we will continue to enjoy our every run. How about you? do you run today or planning any run for the coming weekend?


Anonymous said... jio bo jio....>.<

sAnDy said...

Proud of you!

kiv said...

thxx to Ping for calling! Sleep like a corpse after the run, super tired but still excited n cant wait for the coming night run!

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