Thursday, October 27, 2011


Our passion on running is kinda reaching a level. So a right time to share these videos and images together. GYAKUSOU; a collaboration running project launched at 2010 by NIKE and UNDERCOVER. Talking about sport fashion, this is truly one of the top notch in the industry. In progression of each season, more and more dark side colour scheme, and you can even find those alternative or secondary colours combination. Especially on latest series; Running Monks. Composition of Violet, Orange, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Grey.. etc. making it so harmoniously contrast and eye-candy to me. Not less with a little reflectors logo prints, a must or a twins with running to me!

And image recap from their first season at 2010 to the latest 2011. Some of the best or personal favourites..

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houhin said...

Cannot run? Nevermind. Gaya? mesti ada.

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