Monday, November 07, 2011

Chapter 4: The adjustment

From my 1st run and my 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on. I had make a lot of adjustment that base on "Pro Runner" advise and my personal research (from the web) and testing.

Below is the adjustment that i had gone thru:

Running Shoe:
My 1st run's running shoe was simply a pickup from my shoes rack without a thought as i use to think that as long as you had a pair of cover sneakers, then you are ready to go.

After several running, i began to feel arch pain on my feet. After consultation by "Pro Runner" it was due to unsuitable running shoes.

After several research, i had choose the running shoes that is meeting my requirements and style. "NIKE LUNAR GLIDE+ 3  ".

My initial 3 miles long distance run was a disaster, feeling like not enough oxygen and very exhausted. I was not aware until i consult "Pro runner" again, it was due to my breath in and out with nose. The right method on giving you more oxygen is to breath in and out with your mouth via stomach and not your lung. It is not easy but it definitely helps.

Your running speed. Well trained or experience runner eventually will had faster and consistent pace during their running. I was not aware until i hit the wall (it means, you cant break thru your running mileage) and very exaushted after 3 miles and the rest of the ongoing miles was walking and cannot go on.

After research, i only realize that a correct pace for a biginner is while you are running, you still can talk with your running partner easily without loosing your breath. But!!! What if you are running alone??!!!! Well, you can test it by said to yourself "A,B,C,D...."

You can keep pushing yourself for better pace during your running from time to time. You never push, you never know how your body and mind can handle it. So keep running and keep pushing.

A little advise from my personel experience. Sometime or maybe most of the time, our body still can handle or cope with the tension, but our mind will stop us and keep on giving us a lot of execuses just to stop it.

So believe yourself so that you wont get twisted by your mind.

Endurance come first before speed. The more stride you have in your run the less injure impact for your leg and the more acid lactic on your leg will be created to cope with your long distance run. Keep your pace and stride consistent and it will definitely improve your running :)

Running form:
Good running form is very important to reduce your body impact. As normal standard, your body should lean forward a little bit until you feel that your leg is about to move forward to keep your body balance, your eye should look straight forward and leg require to bent a little bit during running. During your foot stride, you should always stride it with your mid foot instead of your back foot so that your back won't injured.

Diet & water:
My 1st miles until 2nd,3rd and 4th run is running with empty stomach and not carrying any water. This practice had causing me hitting the wall when i want to increase my running mileage and it require more then 1hr. This is because I m too hungry and dehydrated. Site stitch, leg feeling tension (going to cramp) and body feeling not enough energy to push further.

The situation change after I consult my "Pro Runner" and do some research on the Internet. Below is my diet and hydration plan.

During post running (1 week before my Saturday long distance run training), i drink plenty of water and assure I m always not feeling thirsty or my urine is clear without light yellow. I ate a lot of food that can provide me more carb, e.g. Potatoes, rice and bread. No spicy food and no alcohol drinks.

My training always schedule in the morning. Before I take off, I will eat 4 pieces of biscuit with peanut butter jam, I cup of milk (prefer chocolate milk) and I cup of almonds drinks. I will bring along 500ml water and 500ml Gatorade (grapes flavor).

During running, I will start to sip some water to keep myself stay away from

After the running, I will drink my Gatorade. Rest for while and I will go for breakfast. This is one of the session that I like the most, I can eat anything I want. After shower, I drink 1 cup of chocolate milk and 2 cup of ice-green tea. Then I will start to sip water again to replenish my water.

The more you run the more you understand yourself. Listen to your body and make adjustment accordingly.

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