Saturday, November 19, 2011


Thought to add up another Harmoniously Contrast post. Hehe.. As I recall from an old article saying; "We learned to put up or keep add on things we love before the age of 40, and we learned to remove or reduce and left things we need after the age of 40". Almost like the KISS principle (Keep It Short and Simple) to me. And below is the item that matched the idea! It always give me the easiest right answer when im in a styling dilemma or selection phobia. Also my best travel companion when it only allow me to bring one sneakers. You can just wear any style with it without looking weird, and this is my magic shoes - CONVERSE CHUCK TAYLOR ALL STAR

The Above black one is the most basic design. Got it 2 years ago in Hong Kong, you can get the best price, sizes and models there. I picked leather model for more lasting and a bit characters when it aged like denim.

Just received this all white long waited model last few days. Hmm.. laws of attraction did a little help on this one! And found out both arrived to me exactly the same day; 16th November, in 2 years distance. I try to believe that there are something other than coincident. LOL~ So I fixed 16th of November as my Converse Day! Wear only Converse on this special day from now on! DEAL!


sAnDy said...

I like this date! Is my mum birthday! =)

kiv said...


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