Friday, November 04, 2011

Share a Coke with 5marts

The early days of 5marts which other than comics perhaps it was Coke that unites us. We search, we share, we collect, we steal.. anything from Coke! LOL~ Coca-Cola does drive us crazy! While all our collections are sleeping in the box or store now (im guessing)... Who knows the following could make a wake up spell?

Found it just now at Rudi's blog. Surprisingly happen in Australia now and since Smarter KTKS is coming back soon.. Hehee.. bet you get the whole story from here or scroll down for the details..

Seems like Smarter b is more popular in Australia. But we still want to share a Coke with Kiv, Scwa, Ping and yourself Kenny! Below is the method, and limited for 1 can per person? Hmm... No worry, Smarter ktks sure have a way!

Come with the link; Coca-Cola Australia. Btw, love their latest slogan, so lets hope Smarter ktks to "OPEN some HAPPINESS" for us! LOL~

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