Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Don't be afraid to ask for what you want: Just ask

Have you ever thinking to want something and afraid to ask for it? Have ever making your own assumption that even if you ask for it, you wont even get it?

I did come across this situation and most of the time I don't dare to ask for it even I really really mean to want it.

Until lately I had read an articles "Can't-Miss Marketing: Just Ask". It had remind me the same situation that happen on Kiv previous post "Meaningful G-MISSION".

I bought the G-Shock in "A" shop and the shop did not give me the nice G-Shock metal box. When Kiv and Scwa bought it in "B" shop and the shop is giving them a very nice G-Shock metal box, I really hope that I can get it as my collection but I don't dare to ask for it as I did not purchase it there and I also did not ask for it when I purchase it in "A" shop. However, our 5marter Scwa dare to ask the salesperson to give it one for me even I did not purchase it on the shop. This is really amaze me and surprising me the power of "ask".

So, remember to ask for what you want or wish for and dare to ask it without giving up. The important thing is, ask in correct way. Like our 5marter Scwa, he is showing a very good example ^_^

PS: Lately I'm thinking of having a notebook but I don't want to use money to buy it, and I don't even think to rob it from others I'm asking DELL would she give me a free laptop? She said:"Whynot?".Just go to this link and get it if you can.


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