Saturday, July 04, 2009

Restoring CLHS Memory Pt.1

Does it remind you the old days we hangout here?

Yeah... lets go back to School Canteen!! Notice that we are full gear on 5marts collectables; Beer Chang Tees + Military G-SHOCK
The refurnished exterior,
and inside.
The objective: "Scrambled Eggs a la CLHS"!!!
Glad to have the 2nd generation Chef who continue the magic skill! RESPECT!! Still the same setting and details (keep using charcoal), come with the same taste and price (RM0.50/egg) APPRECIATE!!!
:-D... Restoring Tongue Memory... ... ...
The Runner-up: "CLHS Hokkien/Loh Mee" with seasoning red meat!
Same great taste!
Not forget the snack: "Fried Wantan"
and "Deep Fried Sausage Roll" for the absent Smarter b & ktks! kekeke...
Smarter ITmP showing off his finger skill! ;-P
Smarter Scwa request for double shot!? :-))
Smarter KV wana eat now~! :-O..
Jokes and some old times stories...bla..bla..bla.. When will "5 Smart Ass" reunion?
To be continue...

1 comment:

houhin said...

The egg is simply the best. Will go there with my wife again.

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