Saturday, July 18, 2009

Restoring CLHS Memory Pt.2

After the Canteen session, continue to the next stop: CLHS Band Room. Lets make some noise here!! gegee....
Smarter ITmP x Bass Drum; satisfy with the sizeee, i guess....
Smarter Scwa x Drum Kit; so fast u can spin the stick!? hehe..
Smarter KV x Timpani; CLHS Band is RICH!!Linda&Crystal x Band Leader Baton; lets throw it!

Dear juniors,
thanks for the sharing of musical instruments on that day! :-D We truly have fun! And we will be back soon with another 2 old boys. Hope you all still willing to show us more! hehehe.....
CLHS Band keep ROCK on!!!
p/s: Our oldtimes sport uniform (total 5 colours), singlet form that is deadstock, they are not going to produce anymore! Grabit when its still available!
p/s2: Its great for summer style, and its cool with blazer or shirt.
p/s3: RM4+/pc, what are you waiting for!!!?

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