Friday, July 24, 2009

Edmund Yeo’s Quick Thought About BMW Shorties 2009 Finalists

Le Mannequin is very vibrant and romantic, reminds me of a Pixar animation… and the pain I myself have with women.

1:19 is ambitious with its one-take shot. Atmospheric too. Acting is a little rough, but execution is effective.

Flashes belongs to the “man dies and have his whole life flashing before his life” genre. But also, it is done very well. Nice touch with the allusion to reincarnation. Old age make-up was a little weak, but then, even Hollywood productions struggle with those too.

I wish “Conversation with a mad man” had a different title so that it wouldn’t give things away. It’s a very good one-man performance by the main actor. It’s smart to just sit back, let the camera roll and let him work his magic. Guy reminds me of HK comedian Eric Kot.

Ma Chai is very vibrant and energetic. Sanjhey shows that he has a lot of fun making this film, and his joy is infectious.

Resonance is a well-written and well-shot film essay that meditates upon urban isolation and such. Urban isolation is always a bummer, especially for a guy like me who is now living in Tokyo, so it’s good of John Cho to remind me of its bummer-ness.

Thanks to its good control in rhythm and atmosphere, Lubang is quite immersive as we are drawn into the protagonist’s paranoia. Darkly comedic too.

Codename Hashshashin cracked me up with its initial premise. When the film began, I was silently hoping it’s not a generic hitman film, and I was rewarded with a witty mockumentary on modern-day cupids. Reminds me of HK director Edmond Pang’s works.

7 is a very subtle and sensitive portrayal on a father-and-son relationship. I figured out the twist early on, but I was drawn into its emotions. I’m a fan of the mundane when depicted well.

Edmund Yeo
BMW Shorties 2008 Honourable Mentions

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