Thursday, July 30, 2009

Koko Kaina AKA Zee Avi

A voice from Malaysia and is truly amaze me. She is very hot right now. Google her and you will know how hot is she :)

By the way, some guidance before you listen to this song.

step1 - Switch off all your room light for earth sake :P
step2 - Make a cup of coffee. Me recommend Caramel Machiato
step3 - Play this MV and immediately close your eye and listen to the music
step4 - After end of the song, sip some coffee and repeat step3 again hahaha... :P

Classic & Unique

Some brief infos of "Bing Sutt" (in canto). Its kind of our old time "Kopitiam" which provide ice or cold drinks. Where our parents or grand parents hangout.
Just paying a visit.
My favourite "Por Loh Pau" in the poster, HK classic!
Old type, from right to left...
Some classic HK scenery...
and handwriting menu on the pillar.
The bird cage; an old time culture. But too bad the TV didn't works.
take away orders...
WC corner.
Chinese love red...
and guess what.....
Yess, im in STARBUCKS! An old-fashion one??
This only sold here! Yum..Yum..
also the crossover tote.
Actually it's a latest store on Duddell Street, HK. And also a world first as Starbucks collaborated with Douglas Young's GOD to create a concept coffee space within the new store.
Notice the tiles arrangement, like reforming back to 50's.....
Not much different at the entrance.
Located at the Mezzanine floor. Found it here, another inspiring project from GOODS OF DESIRE.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another OLD bird...

Currently without any other digital devices or software here; I have try my best to do it in 'Paint'. Hope you like the kindergarten style! hehe..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


the time between Dawn and Sunrise, and also Sunset and Dusk.
End is the new beginning?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Edmund Yeo’s Quick Thought About BMW Shorties 2009 Finalists

Le Mannequin is very vibrant and romantic, reminds me of a Pixar animation… and the pain I myself have with women.

1:19 is ambitious with its one-take shot. Atmospheric too. Acting is a little rough, but execution is effective.

Flashes belongs to the “man dies and have his whole life flashing before his life” genre. But also, it is done very well. Nice touch with the allusion to reincarnation. Old age make-up was a little weak, but then, even Hollywood productions struggle with those too.

I wish “Conversation with a mad man” had a different title so that it wouldn’t give things away. It’s a very good one-man performance by the main actor. It’s smart to just sit back, let the camera roll and let him work his magic. Guy reminds me of HK comedian Eric Kot.

Ma Chai is very vibrant and energetic. Sanjhey shows that he has a lot of fun making this film, and his joy is infectious.

Resonance is a well-written and well-shot film essay that meditates upon urban isolation and such. Urban isolation is always a bummer, especially for a guy like me who is now living in Tokyo, so it’s good of John Cho to remind me of its bummer-ness.

Thanks to its good control in rhythm and atmosphere, Lubang is quite immersive as we are drawn into the protagonist’s paranoia. Darkly comedic too.

Codename Hashshashin cracked me up with its initial premise. When the film began, I was silently hoping it’s not a generic hitman film, and I was rewarded with a witty mockumentary on modern-day cupids. Reminds me of HK director Edmond Pang’s works.

7 is a very subtle and sensitive portrayal on a father-and-son relationship. I figured out the twist early on, but I was drawn into its emotions. I’m a fan of the mundane when depicted well.

Edmund Yeo
BMW Shorties 2008 Honourable Mentions

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


plz vote for Conversation with a Mad Man at

SPreaD the link!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

hey guys

Yo,Sorry for being MIA for a while. Been busy with my shortfilms. Here's one of them which i'll post here. Shortlisted by bmw shortfilms competition, waiting for the final result now.. Do giv ur comment.

Conversation with Mad Man from brandon loh on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Restoring CLHS Memory Pt.2

After the Canteen session, continue to the next stop: CLHS Band Room. Lets make some noise here!! gegee....
Smarter ITmP x Bass Drum; satisfy with the sizeee, i guess....
Smarter Scwa x Drum Kit; so fast u can spin the stick!? hehe..
Smarter KV x Timpani; CLHS Band is RICH!!Linda&Crystal x Band Leader Baton; lets throw it!

Dear juniors,
thanks for the sharing of musical instruments on that day! :-D We truly have fun! And we will be back soon with another 2 old boys. Hope you all still willing to show us more! hehehe.....
CLHS Band keep ROCK on!!!
p/s: Our oldtimes sport uniform (total 5 colours), singlet form that is deadstock, they are not going to produce anymore! Grabit when its still available!
p/s2: Its great for summer style, and its cool with blazer or shirt.
p/s3: RM4+/pc, what are you waiting for!!!?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sorbet .冰糕

I thought that this is ice-cream, but the package named it very clearly is sorbet. I'm wondering, it taste like ice-cream, why it call sorbet? or it is ice-cream = sorbet?

Anyway this sorbet had a really nice packaging.


SUPRISE~!!! The sorbet is filled into the cocoa shell.


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Buy it. Save it. Forget it

Tired of digging up your warranty cards or documents when you want to claim for your warranty?

Found out this cool FREE services. Check it out WarrantyElephant. Knowing your warranty status is easy like ABC.


Don't be afraid to ask for what you want: Just ask

Have you ever thinking to want something and afraid to ask for it? Have ever making your own assumption that even if you ask for it, you wont even get it?

I did come across this situation and most of the time I don't dare to ask for it even I really really mean to want it.

Until lately I had read an articles "Can't-Miss Marketing: Just Ask". It had remind me the same situation that happen on Kiv previous post "Meaningful G-MISSION".

I bought the G-Shock in "A" shop and the shop did not give me the nice G-Shock metal box. When Kiv and Scwa bought it in "B" shop and the shop is giving them a very nice G-Shock metal box, I really hope that I can get it as my collection but I don't dare to ask for it as I did not purchase it there and I also did not ask for it when I purchase it in "A" shop. However, our 5marter Scwa dare to ask the salesperson to give it one for me even I did not purchase it on the shop. This is really amaze me and surprising me the power of "ask".

So, remember to ask for what you want or wish for and dare to ask it without giving up. The important thing is, ask in correct way. Like our 5marter Scwa, he is showing a very good example ^_^

PS: Lately I'm thinking of having a notebook but I don't want to use money to buy it, and I don't even think to rob it from others I'm asking DELL would she give me a free laptop? She said:"Whynot?".Just go to this link and get it if you can.


Saturday, July 04, 2009

Restoring CLHS Memory Pt.1

Does it remind you the old days we hangout here?

Yeah... lets go back to School Canteen!! Notice that we are full gear on 5marts collectables; Beer Chang Tees + Military G-SHOCK
The refurnished exterior,
and inside.
The objective: "Scrambled Eggs a la CLHS"!!!
Glad to have the 2nd generation Chef who continue the magic skill! RESPECT!! Still the same setting and details (keep using charcoal), come with the same taste and price (RM0.50/egg) APPRECIATE!!!
:-D... Restoring Tongue Memory... ... ...
The Runner-up: "CLHS Hokkien/Loh Mee" with seasoning red meat!
Same great taste!
Not forget the snack: "Fried Wantan"
and "Deep Fried Sausage Roll" for the absent Smarter b & ktks! kekeke...
Smarter ITmP showing off his finger skill! ;-P
Smarter Scwa request for double shot!? :-))
Smarter KV wana eat now~! :-O..
Jokes and some old times stories...bla..bla..bla.. When will "5 Smart Ass" reunion?
To be continue...
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