Saturday, December 31, 2011


My last post of 2011 endup exactly like last year!? Its not my intention or maybe because of busyness and laziness keep dragging me. Hehe.. Anyway coming late is better than didn't show up! So took me a few nights/hours to complete the whole thing...

Mainly because of this; stick it with a photo of me in 3 years old. Took in my sister 1st birthday party. Yeah, Im quite a fatty that time. And I wonder where the pose come from, or it just a second of naughtiness? Hahah.. Good enough for our 3rd Anniversary!

As reminder, we actually celebrate our anniversary on October. So I hope our 4th Anniversary post won't come up at the last day of 2012! LOL~ Happy 3rd Anniversary to 5marts and Happy New Year to you!


cupcake SierYar said...

Ah Kiv,

Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year to u

May lots of happiness filling 2012 to you and your family.

Sier Yar

kiv said...

Hey, glad to hear from you! Same wishes to you too. Hope to see you in coming CNY!

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