Friday, December 16, 2011

The Smurfs kinda Birthday Party

It happen last weekend that I attended a baby boy's 1st birthday. The parents have set a theme attire for us, by wearing blue. Ok, that sounds easy. But when I been telling that its some kinda 'Smurfs' party, honestly I was like 'Yuck'! To me it was annoying enough even only the Smurfs movie poster. But sometime things are really fun when you didn't expect too much. It happen when this 10kg birthday cake arrived, and that was some kinda jaw dropping moment...

The creator or cake master behind. With his creativity only he himself knows the way to cut the cake. Hahaa.. Anyways, taste are no too bad either compare with the looks.

If you are keen on doing this kinda custom cake, go to the cake master's blog. Oops.. he did appeared in 5marts before! By the way, the Smurfs head endup appeared as most guest's profile picture that day! LOL~ And here is me acting silly Smurfs... Cheers!

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