Saturday, December 24, 2011

"What to do if your birthday is on Christmas?!!"

Another 12 hours will be our smartest KTKS Birthday. Because of that, I took the initiative to help him Googling this search caption "What to do if your birthday is on Christmas". Below is the search results.


So surprisingly the very 1st results came out from WikiHow and the best thing it stated got 6 steps. I summarize it here and Kenny, you may check it here for more details hehehe.

Step 1 : Accept that your birthday is competing with an important festive occasion 

Step 2 : Look on the bright side

Step 3 : Talk to your parents, spouse, housemates or whoever else is responsible for throwing you a party

Step 4 : Put up birthday decorations as well as Christmas ones

Step 5 : Be appreciative of what you receive by way of gifts

Step 6 : Go online and commiserate with other Christmas Day babies (lol this is the funniest one)

That's all for your 31st Birthday jokes Smile 

An early Happy Birthday wishes to you and wish you have a very wonderful Christmas & Birthday celebration with your love one.

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