Saturday, March 24, 2012

张惠妹 记得

Shuffle and randomly come up in my ipod, then forgot how many times of repeating. Should be my favourite song of A-mei. An oldies or classic for more than 10 years from released. Been covered by many artiste in recent years, such as; Jam Hsiao, Khalil Fong and song writer himself; JJ Lin. To me none of them reaching the same level like original. Heheh..

Beside that the video is great too. The tone or styling and haircut of A-mei, consider one of the best or topnotch appearance of A-mei to me. Everything are almost in pretty essential. Not forget that this is more than a 10 years music video. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

izzit her hair or the song lyrics that catches you?? ehhee

kiv said...

Ahaha.. i buy the total package! Whether her styling or the song.

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