Friday, March 09, 2012

Ryan Gosling in DRIVE

Just watched the movie last night. To me the story line might not be that kinda interesting like expected. Still I love the music and mood of it. And I found the most inspiring part are actually the styling of Ryan Gosling. Hmm.. Lets share some of the best here.

The renowned quilted satin Scorpion jacket in the movie. If you wonder why they pick a scorpion pattern, you should read this fable story. That makes it more 'complete' for the driver character. By the way, you can even get yourself a replica here.

And most of the time, he wears a vintage Henley neck t-shirts for matching the jackets or extra layers on it. Other goodies are the Patek Philippe watch, the leather glove, the boots, retro glasses, fitted jeans and jacket. Details in the interview with costume designer Erin Benach by GQ.

Finally this is my favourite among all. The super fitted denim jacket from Levis. Its been trimmed like those made-to-measure clothing for Gosling. And I love the leather glove that stuffed in his back pocket, looks effortlessly cool! He is definitely the most impeccable denim jacket icon in my list, surpassed Kanye with a distance. If there is Pros and Cons; I just don't like his hairstyle in the movie honestly, too tame for the character. The stylist should make a more convincing one.

For further talks on denim jacket, check on Mr Porter site, they have a featured story on it. Not bad for a reference. And you will surely see me even more with mine these days! Hehee..

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