Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Brought another Chucks during a clearance sale last year. Treat it like a backup plan for my aging and trashing old pair. Also in simple black and white tone. The old one had being with me for more than 6 to 7 years. Truly a reliable styling companion. It could blend into any style I want and the best part is; you don't need any good care on it. Hehhee..

Ok, for some of these special design Converse, its quite hard to get back a same one after sometime. Different story for basic models or either you stock 2 or more in one time. Luckily I didn't find a model that can make me this crazy 'yet'.

Pictures is always best to cut short my story... Left is my retired old man while Right is the steady young gun. Same feeling same tone but a little enhancement. So glad to get this Robert Indiana's LOVE version, with a sale price tag, no complaint!!

The black out sole is so catchy and right to go with the total look. Follow with details on mid sole, the little LOVE printing square just stand out from normal, my eye candy!

Compare inside; still remember the pinstripe pattern and the extra metal eyelet that make me paid for it. For the new one, the major design in black and white nicely placed or hide behind the star of Chucks. And the lovely all black lining printed with the copyright of the artwork.

Last but not least, the creator of this classic artwork; Robert Indiana. Together with the long list of his beautiful LOVE sculptures all over the world.

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