Monday, August 27, 2012

DIY: Oxford Jack Purcell

I always keep all my silly ideas in my mind or sketch book, where I brought them out during free time in a long holiday break. This is one of it I did recently. It all begins on a dirty old Jack Purcell I brought few years ago. Since this classic white canvas model is getting yellowish or seasoned, it's time to get a cleanup or a remake? Hmm.. Actually the idea came to me when I got the leather model earlier this year as a substitution or backup plan. Hehhe.. While my inspiration came from here; found it last year, a perfect matching Oxford theme with Jack Purcell's character. To me it still a little bit fancy on the blue and pink patchwork. So I decided to do it in just one classic blue Oxford tone. So this is how it turns out... My reviving Oxford Jack Purcell.

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