Sunday, May 30, 2010


01: Multicolour or 'Pixelated'? hehee..

02: Hawaiian prints, suit the weather here. Anyone know name of this plant?

03: Red Checker, can make foods look nicer i wonder?

04: Polka dots, Paula Tsui '徐小凤' aka '小凤姐' must be the pioneer.

05: Navy or Sailor. If u like this too, you must know SAINT JAMES.

06: Herringbone, for Mr Bean's blazer (im not sure, but i always think it is).

07: Star Pattern. Starry, starry night... to Vincent van Gogh.

08: RED, WHITE, BLUE Fabric. HK classic icon and a useful invention.

09: Argyle, this is a bit far from us, but its fun to have it.

10: Camouflage, first one which hits me, gonna be (early days) Bathing Ape.

11: Denim, for unwashed classic, go for 501 or A.P.C.

12: Checkers, like Damier always cooler than Monogram, and '秦先生' do have this character.

These are all the 12 inspirations for me to create the Mural for 'Lollipop Kids' - a kindergarden of my friends. So stay tuned for the reveal of the artworks, later? or tomorrow? hehe..

1 comment:

cherry said...

that plant is "Monstera deliciosa"

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