Saturday, May 15, 2010


here are some representatives...

The classic flag model, also the most perfect match country ALLSTAR.
and this monochrome version is so cool with the mixture of different materials. Looks better with black shoe lace. hmm..

Actually its The Who version. Saw it in HK, didnt grab it. May be i want a US flag version before UK... but the sewing is great.

some said vintage Superstar is the best if you got "MADE IN FRANCE" version. To me, the guy who arranged the colour combi of this 3 stripes is brilliant!
This came out recently, its NB576. A classic model, and its always the 1st choice for a 1st pair of NB to me. The arrangement are smart too.

snap from old magazine, i couldn't Google it out, can't believe it!? Anyways, if the 2 black lines are white, outsole is red, then its perfect!

ok, imagine any sneakers you love with the flag of our country..........
Does it works? Is it an issue of patriotic or design? or both?

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