Friday, May 07, 2010

A single man by tom ford.

Just watched it today. Quite good for first timer director tom ford. Then again things that caught my attention are the art direction . The house, the wardrobe, the car..the settings...and the music ( very wong kar wai style) which i think is really well executed. Then again to be honest...i think if wong kar wai did would be superb...not because he had direct gay story but his sense of " romantic" storytelling ...think tom ford just lack of the acute sense of romantic mood which wkw mastered it really well.


kiv said...

b, so fast as usual ah! Yesss... i guess u got the major selling point. i just like those kinda post war america culture/movie/people, 50-60s style, fashion, access, furniture, car..etc. Where everything start with ‘taste of living’ from that getting wealth generation. Other than west, the style of Tony Leung in ‘花样年华’ is my top fav so far.

For ‘A SINGLE MAN’, I must watch it first before commenting the story or romantic mood inside…hehee..

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