Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to Scwa

It has come to another 30th anniversary of the day you were born that everyone celebrated for you.

Again, this anniversary is not a reminder for your age or how long you had been live.

But it is a life cycle to remind you how beautiful and grateful you had being transforming from the past 30 years of living and continuously. Just like the Butterflies' life cycle, egg, larva, pupa and butterfly. A not very early wishing to you, Happy Birthday, you good looking butterfly and may all the great things come to you.



kiv said...

Congrats, and welcome to 5marts 30s club!

Smarter Ping, i think 30 is still in pupa stage. gegee..

[ScwA] said...

thnks guys, well, there r still many more '30s' to go, rite?ha~!
pin, i like ur butterfly description..."changes is for better " ya~!
viva la 30's~!

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