Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Couple things

Im sick today, and everything just hit the PAUSE button. Only rest, medicine, sleep... then 5marts seem to be a good place to kill time.

Managed to arrange some previous files in computer, then i found these... Some pretty prints. Guys, lets vote for your favourites (can pick more than 1). To know more about your recent "taste-c"... hehe..

01: Wolf or Husky? Dont care, just love the retro colour combi.
02: or come in peace?
03: machine gun? East meet West?
04: have enough of tigeeeeers? But the expression and colour are real nice.
05: row, row, row your boat..... life is but a dream.
06: reality or illusion?
07: have you read Le Petit Prince?
08: think of Smarter b... you know why. hehee...
09: nice composition and colours do tell the story.
10: Cassette, a nice stuff of our generation. Swing with the music...

01-10, dont forget to voteee! All tees pick out from here.

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