Thursday, June 14, 2012

EURO2012: NED v GER behind the scenes

EURO 2012; my summer attraction. Interesting than London Olympic to me. Hehe.. And I guess most of you did watch last night match. Should be the greatest group game at the moment. Anyway result is not everything to me, wanna share more behind the scenes here. One of my favourites part of a game.

Manuel Neuer, the German goalkeeper and one of the best in world. Germany never less talent in this spot.

Joachim Löw; the German coach. Smartest good looking coach in Europe other than him. Btw, he seems like gaining some weight recently. Haha..

Mario Götze; my favourite young German player, skillful and talented. Not that often in the starting eleven but soon will. Hope to see him in the coming match.

Rafael van der Vaart (right); one of the Netherlands Playmaker that I like to see him play regularly. Notice their kits, the jacket or polo, another nice colour combination other than orange/black. Of course from Nike.

Into dressing room...

Other than apple and bananas, spotted Red Bull! Guru Ping, does it really help? Hehe.. I mean in our running.

Found another great looking black and white training top on the players last night. Love the fonts too. Oh, they all wear it while waiting on bench. Too bad didn't see this in store.

That's all for now, gonna get ready for an early nap for tonight Spanish game. Finger crossed!

All photos via UEFA

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