Saturday, June 30, 2012

EURO2012: My Best Kit #2

Counted second in my list, the Netherlands away kit, probably could be many others favourite too. So lets forget about their performance. Here, its solely about the design and styling only. Hehe..

The black x orange combination is consider one of Dutch classic that has appeared a few time in their shirt history. And this should be among the best. Also a left alignment of player's number. Noticed the fonts, some kinda customized square type. Perfect pairing under the edge of orange bold line from the shoulder.

Beside that, another surprising element hidden under the sleeves. Similar with this previous french design. Becoming one of Nike's trademark design. Love it!

Previously I don't prefer to put up any numbers when buying a football kit. But this one does change my mind or thinking, and I mean totally. Make it my favourite no.2!

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