Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday Routine Run

Our night run plan is slowly moving on to sunrise time zone. Haha.. Anyway we still keep it on. Got a little time to take some snaps. Captured at our usual 'finish line'. Its a hazy morning, not that hot and humid with some cool breeze. Just nice for our run. And I got a quite good looking result for our routine route; 10km / 1hr 12min! My best so far, a truly tough one. Maybe its because we only (lazy) run once a week. LOL~ I wonder how long to push the limit into 1 hour for 10km? But Im still glad with this..

Lots of cyclists we met during our run these days. Maybe Penangites are getting more and more healthy minded now. Hmm.. Btw a cool orange kit they have.

And our weekly treats; a good English Breakfast nearby Botanic Garden together with the freshly made fruit juice. The perfect reviving duo to heal our long run. Hehee.. We made some exotic recipes for round 2; Green Apple x Bitter gourd (left); Dragon Fruit x Jack Fruit (right)! Tastes..... Please don't try this at home, especially the right one. LOL~

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