Saturday, June 30, 2012

EURO2012: My Best Kit #1

Suppose to share this earlier, busying and dragging till now. Since the tournament is still left with a grand finale, makes me more excited to complete these posts. You guys already saw all the national team (home/away) kits after all the previous matches. The following will be my favourites and I picked a total of 3. Solely on the design and styling. So that's why Spain is not in the list as usual. Hmm..

Believe it or not, Poland home kit is my favourite no.1, topping the list. Pictures help to tell the story..

Design inspired from the Polish national flag. The bold red rectangle is actually the bottom half of their flag. While the white upper parts quietly blending in with the whole kit. Looks even better when printed with the left alignment player's number. Well Nike does makes pretty good fonts and also the way of applying.

Spotted the different on the centre missing national emblem. If some of you didn't know, there was a huge controversy behind the launching of this kit (above picture). The kit maker; Nike initially excluding the national coat of arms was causing uproar across the country. So what you see today is the solution by placing back the white eagle in between the Swoosh and the well designed PZPN logo (blending an eagle with a football transparently). Some said its weird or crowded on the placing but I just like this kinda little oddity. Retaining their classic and modern character of a country.

See how serious they treat their national coat of arms. Hmm.. Presented by Jakub Blaszczykowski (too hard to pronounce) aka; Kuba, the captain. Kinda like his style of play and facial hair style. Haha..

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