Monday, November 03, 2008

logo design

Yo, some logo design here. start voting?


houhin said...

Brandon, nice logo and something is different out from what I see in daily or even milk mag.

But...there is something you forgot to cast it. Your Logo soul (comments) hahaha...a body without a soul is just like a zombie :P

Dont forget your soul (comments)

b said...

well ph, sorry for not introducing each of the design. was kinda sleepy when i finish it. anyway u guys can giv ur own rationale of any of the logo design as i wanted all of our input in it( make the most sense out of the logo).

So vote for it first then i'll giv u a design rationale. ( ph, the "soul" is there . u just need to FEEL it)

ps. so many logo lazy to write la

houhin said...

I personally perfer 7 which you also add in the 11 logo. However, I'm thinking that 3 can be integrate with Klim B. I guess this will be more perfect in my opinion.

The more perfect one is everyone logo can integrate together so that the creation is belong to everyone contribution. Now we left for KTKS.

KTKS...we are waiting your idea. Shock us as much as you can hahaha..

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