Saturday, November 01, 2008


guys, i dunno use wat software to make it proper, i do it in paint. may b u guys can upgrade it~!
1st one is combination 5 & !,
the 2nd one is when we count 5 , we use the slash , each 4 slash mean 5, guys , get my point? i use the final slash with !.
anyway, why i use ! mark???
this is wat i learnt from a course n i found it very motivated!~!!
there are 3 type of people in this world.
1st one is '.' 2nd one is '?' 3rd one is '!'
. = every time tis person face problem or challenges, he will say ' thats all i can do it' , ' i meant to be like this' , ' thats all i can do'. the character is 'full stop' , no more improvement
? = everytime meet problm or challenges, he will say 'why why why.." " why god do this to me..." "why i dont hav luck..." "why other can me cannot..." the character is full of blame, pity, backwards...
! = evertime tis guy face prblm or challenges, he will say "I M NOT YET DONE!" "I CAN DO BETTER!" "I HAVE AN IDEAL~!" "OH YES!!" "this is not yet finish, I WILL KEEP FORWARD!!!!" "I CAN DO IT!" the character is no give up, alwayd full of ideal, motivated positively, challenging, looking for excellent
for 13 yrts we hav know each others, i think without '!!!!!' , we wont look forward, we must encourage each other for the rest of our life.
! is the icon for the past n our future character~!!
all for 5, n 5 for all of us, my friends.


[ScwA] said...

ya, 1 more thing. i m thinkinh the ! question maks got a dot at bottom, rite.

so the dot can keep changing, example if valentine day we change to love sign, if x mas we change to snow dot design...

kiv said...

i like the '!' meaning, but too similar with a brand call UNDEFEATED.

houhin said...

Scwa, your logo really shocking me like i watch the shocking asia documentary films very raw :P

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