Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Impossible is nothing, just take a deep breath

Finally I had some time to wandering in our blog. Recently I'm quite busy and I'm also stuck into something or falling into dilemma on my thought and what I read. Very confusing and I really dunno how to describe it. Maybe I'm in the middle of transform, I dunno. Well just put it a site first.

Today I would like to share with you guys is our blog search results in google. Infact this is requested by Klim and I had make something on it and this is the search results that I have make it. Klim, the snap shoot of this results is what you want it right? However, the search results was not stable, so...i m still figure it out. Anyway, impossible is nothing, just take a deep breath.


kiv said...

Hehe...A+ for u! But not only in Google la! Yahoo, MSN.... PLEASE show the latest page after ppl click the search result! I know u can do it MAN~!

[ScwA] said...

HOOOORAYY~!!! blackie 'Wan Sui!!' "Wan Wan Suiiiiii"~!well done, but u can do it better

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