Friday, January 02, 2009

5marts DEC'08 recap! part-01

1st posting on 2009, my warmest recap on 5marts busy, happy, cheerfull, important...DEC'08! too many GOOD thgs happen in this month that should fill up a page in our memories! Smarters, before i come back with the compiling photos, here are some of the group photos to refresh ur mind~

13 DEC'08 23:08 After Wedding Diner; look at Smarter ktks ('o') Nice shoot!

14 DEC'08 12:27 Buffet Lunch; all the 'sisters' that trying HARD to stop us (^o^)

14 DEC'08 22:07 After Party; 'K' till da morning~~~5marts never die~~~
(*0*) ~ (^0^) ~ (*0*) ~ (^0^) ~ (*0*) ~ (^0^) ~ (*0*) ~ (^0^) ~ (*0*)

16 DEC'08 21:09 Seafood Diner; Thxxx to Mr & Mrs SU~

An incomplete 5marts because of absent Smarter b......

recap to be continue...?

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