Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Recent Pickup... JAN'09

New add up on my tie library. hehe.. Love the left one most, its a dark forest green.

Always wana find a 365 daily bracelet tat u no need to think whn u go out/travel n it can suit casual or formal looks. This is it! a X'mas present frm boo. Thxx~

Suppose to search for a white belt, but end up get these two... appreciate the design n creativity on the left. For the right, its a perfect woven belt i ever met! Both are good in vintage!

Finally get a Tee material scarf (the opps of raw type) with nice print on it. The text are combine frm the name of diff cities.

After the black tribly i got, this is the grey one that i been search for sum times... nice & chic frm H&M!

Chinos; an item after Denim. Still remember my first one its frm the brand - U2, in size 28, n thats more thn 10yrs ago. Hehe... Did try to find a 2nd/replacement but always disappointed after brought in some. Until i found this...
from UNIQLO. The material, cutting, colour, pockets placing...... Thumbs UP!!

Another bracelet, totally diff style compare above. The size (width) is wat i want, so.. sleek!

This is a simple cutting blazer, not the slim cut. Haha.. more to college style. Looks like wool if u didnt touch, but its a mix cotton. Smart!
been attracted by the details... the 5marts spirit?

n a Pin stripe shirt; nice cutting n come with a same pattern tie. Love it!

Lastly, search frm many.. shop/store. Its the Master 'Wong Fei Hong' suit for the cumin' CNY! hehe.. The material n colour combination make it trendy yet tradition n its reversible! Hey, the right one its for my mum, Dont mixup! haha...

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