Sunday, January 04, 2009

2007 smarters gathring!recap

Guys, times run very fast ya~! its a clip on 2007 where 5 of us last time get together~! hoping we ll hang out togther soon~!!

a blink comes to 2009! kanasaiii, really fast lohhh, its like happenin yesterday! anyway, nothing change until something moves , rite.! so very good year for smarters~!!happy 2009!!!! 万岁!万岁!万万岁!

1 comment:

kiv said...

Wow..our Boxing day 2007! gather for steamboat in Smarter Ping sweeeet home! we should get a propal 5marts group photo the nxt time we meet! but when will be tat time? i wonder... Smarter ktks, when will u bck the nxt time?

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