Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Other than 'Ang Pao', something for U in this CNY'09!

Gangs, this is a soft toy frm McD HK x SoftHard, to celebrate CNY'09.

Anyone of u wana make ur order here? i can bring some back for the coming CNY holiday.


am-ho said...

i want i want i want!!
pls get one 'kok-kok-kai' for me :D

[ScwA] said...

wei, get dog x1, monkey x1. arigatooo~!!
the gozilla nice arr???

houhin said...

Hola, please get me:

Moneky x 2
Dog x 1
Cow x 1

Terima kasih~~!!!!

ktks said...

Since everybody getting one and I a bit kiasu, I want a Monkey and a Pig.


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