Thursday, January 08, 2009

2 minutes from NICK VUJICIC

guys, 2009 is 1 weeks pass d. if facing obstacles durin this time, of coz we do face obstacles all the time, its jst that new year , new hope, new improvement rite. but i think the most important is wats our reaction when facin challenges.

so i think some of u did know this guy n some dont. anyway, it motivated me after watching this 2 minutes clip. so watch it with ur heart...n we will learn something from 2 minutes.

post up ur feelin n learnin after watch it, share opinion ya..

1 comment:

[ScwA] said...

well, i learn frm him that everything must start with 'ACCEPT'. i think the power of accept is very important on our life. we can b happy only when we accept. sometimes we r not happy, or felt discourage because we dont ACCEPT the situation. NICK spend 1st part of his life rejecting himself, but when he accept himself, he bcome confidence n influences other. i must always accept things in positive way, then learn from it n react on it.
thanks guys, i also learn from him, gratitude! thanks from everything happen to us, no matter good or bad, bcoz it means something if we think it twice. good day guys!!

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