Monday, March 09, 2009

This Delivery or Courier Satchel will be in my wish list this year ^_^


I'm looking for more bigger messenger bag which will fit in more stuff for my daily works as my current Uniqlo messenger bag seems like not able to satisfy me anymore. And finally i get to know this brand Michael Linnell from UK.

Michael Linnell & Co Ltd has for over thirty years supplied the U.K Royal Mail; for the past decade the Royal Mail has run a "First Class Supplier" program where they class their suppliers into grades and declare group winners and then a single overall winner. During this time they have been a proud overall winner of the prestigious Royal Mail Supplier of the Year Award and a Divisional Winner on 3 occasions. (quoted from Michael Linnel website)

They had being cross over with other brands like Duffer, Beams, Eliminator and the most current, year 2008 is with HK local brand Incredible.

Among the crossover, Incredible is the most outstanding in my point of view hehehe.but pricing is a little bit higher then the original.

For me, i like the original design as it look great as it was. Now, the problem is how i m going to get it from UK? Anyone can help me? haha.


BEAMS X Michael Linnell

beams-linnells-021 beams-linnells-042


Silas X Michael Linnell

silas-bag-00 silas-bag-01
silas-bag silas-bag-0b


Eliminator X Michael Linnell


Duffer X Michael Linnell

duffer-linnells-messenger-bags-2 RTEmagicC_duffer-linnells-messenger-bags-1.jpg


Incredible X Michael Linnell

bag-part-2-a milk


kiv said...

now tis one suit u more...hehe..hows the compartment inside?? good arrange? for laptops placing??

Goldendays Creations Pvt Ltd said...

its nice information on Courier Delivery Bag Manufacturer & we would like to hear more from you.

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