Saturday, March 21, 2009

Houhin's A.T.F (All Time Favorite) items


My S.L.K (Small Little Kancil)

I'm driving this car for almost 10yrs and I'm still lovin it. It small but it is very tough. I use to drive it like TOYOTA HILUX and never fear of the bumpy road that we always sick of it.

It just like my second home that full of memory there with my wife. Eat, drinks, enjoying scenery, sharing happy and sad.

The photo is my SLK car key.



The house of my wife and I

The very first house that my wife and I bought it together and it is a major, an important and giant decision that we make it in year 2006. It is quite smooth during the process of purchase and thanks to all that had being contributing and helping me to make it come true. 

We started it from nothing to something and its mean a lot for me and my wife. Although it is quite tough to be living by your own without your parents cares, but sometime you just need to be live independently and taking the role to take care and maintain your very own family. I guess, this is where you started to grow up from "don't need to knowing anything" to "need to knowing everything" for example. changing your house lamp, cleaning your house, cooking or even killing the PEST. But I enjoy it ^_^

The photo is my apartment premises access card. Of course it did not come with the "Thomas & Friends"cover.


I would like to call it 5marts wedding rings

Since the day that I know that Kiv is a jewelry designer, I had being wishing that when the time I get married I can wear the wedding rings that was design by Kiv. And I'm so happy and lucky that the 5marts Kiv, Scwa, Kenny and Brandon had make it come true and I really had it during my wedding dinner night.

Until now, I still never forget the surprise that you guys had gave it to me and my wife. Thanks for the best wishes and the precious thing, Its mean a lots for me and my wife.

The photo is my wedding rings with my wife and I's last name + the blue diamond.


1 comment:

kiv said...

ITmP, truly a special selection!! n i think u should put 'Mr&Mrs SU' ATF items, not only Houhin! haha...

anyways, its glad to see the wedding bands in one of ur selection! :-)

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