Monday, March 16, 2009

5marts food of the month

When fried bee hoon mee + fried fish/fried prawn = normal. But, when fried bee hoon mee + fried fish/fried prawn + curry dipping source it become damm delecious food. Just see for your own. If you want to know where to taste this, just let me know in comment and i shall make arrangement for this and you pay the bill hahahaha..

DSC01912Fried bee hoon mee that make you feel like an ordinary people

DSC01913Fried fishs and fried prawns that make you worry on your high blood pressure.

DSC01914Curry dipping source that make you feel damm god that you still alive in this world.

1 comment:

kiv said...

tat one is "HOKKIEN CHAR"!? PG foods make me homesick! hungry ahhhhh!! bring me there when im HOME!

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