Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Seeing that Chin Ding is playing badminton right now and I am home alone, I thought I should do my annual blog post. As you know I just bought a place. So finally I told myself I can buy a nice lounge with Chaise with I always love. My budget was initially around $2k until I was introduce to this place, King Furniture (http://www.kingfurniture.com.au/).

I think they only exist in Australia but their design of furniture are very innovative. They aim at Convenience and give their owner a chance to be creative with their furniture. Most of their couches has the option of adding on other functions in the future. Anyway this is what I have gotten.

Looks simple right? But hold on, check out what other design it can transform to.

It has a hook mechanism for you to recreate a typical lounge into different ways to fit your house. Most importantly it can be converted into a queen size bed. Hold on, that is not all it can do.

It has storage space as well~!!! This really helps me a lot coz if you seen my Malaysia's room before you know I have a lot of Sampah in the house. And the new place's living room isn't very big. So it serves my purpose a lot. Oh by the way, the couch is also very comfortable. Check out their Jasper range and Kato deluxe. They are considered more premium as they are feather filled couch which is super super comfy. I actually want the Kao deluxe but it is too big. Here is a video of Kato (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywAR5v_Psmc&feature=player_detailpage)

So the next time whoever that comes over, please meet your bed.


kiv said...

think u need to increase the unit since this is our 'bed'! lol~

btw, can make ur ANNUALLY post to MONTHLY basis?? slowly move on la~

houhin said...

I never thought that sofa can do so many transformation.

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