Monday, February 21, 2011

TESCO fruit juice

Saw this during CNY shopping in TESCO, think they are origin from their UK store. Kinda eye catchy to me, make me wanna buy it than taste it at the split second. I guess a good packaging design does play its role, just that simple. Will cheer me up whenever i opened my fridge that fills with these box juices! ;-)


Rudi said...

I am so jealous that the supermarkets in Malaysia is much spacious and I love Tesco too. These packaging designs are awesome. But I saw there are even more varieties in New Zealand. They have a huge RTD juice market.

kiv said...

Hey Rudi, its nice to see u in our 'mart'!

Yes, nowadays Malaysia is transforming almost all supermarket to hypermarket. ahaha.. but i do love to shop in Wellcome HK - 惠康, in basement or underground, kinda diff shopping experience!

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