Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Netherlands (KNVB) Home Shirt

Of course im always a Spanish fan, but too bad their shirt/jersey design still couldn't impress me. Other than the previous England and recent France design, the Netherlands shirt stay the longest time on top of my favourites national shirt chart! hahah.. So, I supposed to share this earlier, but im like bit lazy to compile all pictures from my archive. Till I found this lately... (click to enlarge)

and the result...

If you go through the link, the selection from the poll are within the recent 20 years (1988-2008). And I have add in one of the best from their history. The classic 1974 shirt worn by the living legend - Johan Cruyff at the 70's where the birth of 'Total Football'. It is like the most representing dutch design before every other shirts you saw today.

Continue with my 2nd pick. The 1988 shirt, what I called a cutting edge design, truly represent the 80's. And it's also the winning jersey of their only champion title from a big tournament. It all happen together with the superb 'Dutch Trio'.

Finally, this is what my favourites or vote goes to, the 2008 shirt! Beside that, their total look are also the best to me. Orange+White+Sky Blue, so 'harmoniously contrast'! lol~ and full of modern dutch character!

2 years back, still topping my chart of dutch design, please forget the latest 2010 design, totally in different class. Luckily found and grabbed this 2008 shirt last year, with an off-season price! Heart it!! gegee...

The story of why I love it so much... Go first with the cutting, or modern construction? A v-neck football shirt always caught my eyes first. And the Red White Blue combination on the right collar are the flag of Netherlands. Cleverly placed! Follow up with details, details, details...

The 2 sentences are part of their National Anthem. A patriotic element that a national shirt needs.

The super fine embroidery emblem and the simplify modern crowned lion. Specially love the short form letters; KNVB (Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond) the most, such a pretty typo combination.

Back of the neck, spelling in dutch. Noticed the nicely symmetric joining angle of the flag.

Im happy with all these design and the Dri-FIT material, credits goes to NIKE Football!

And thxx for reading my long... post. LOL~


houhin said...

Here's the devil come again.

God, please help me, this devil kiv want to drag me to hell again.

kiv said...

lol~ i know u like it anyway!

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