Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Year Countdown

New year celebration is always a big thing in Ang Moh country. And Sydney always try to top themselves every year. Since this is the first time I did not go back to Malaysia, I decided to join the crowds to see the New year fireworks. Thanks to my friends in the photos below, we have gotten one of the best spots in North Sydney.

They have waited there since 2pm in the afternoon. But with friends, beer, food, big umbrella and a spectacular view as below, 10 hours to midnight was easy.

Of course I shouldn't say so much because I arrive at that place at 11.45pm. Smart or not? Hehe. We have the biggest group there, around 35 Malaysians. There were a total of 5 spots in Sydney where the fireworks were on. However to get the best view of all 5, we went to the 'tanjung' opposite the famous Harbor Bridge. One of the best view in my opinion. The firework lasted around 20 minutes I think. All my Tax money wasted on this. But I think it is worth it. Check out the video guys.


1 comment:

kiv said...

ktks, nice move! with this kinda weather n scenery, only 3 shots is never enuf... hehehe..

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